In Food We Trust Culinary Productions & Food Tours

NYC: one city, hundreds of national cuisines, thousands of restaurants...millions of delicious dishes!
In Food We Trust LLC, with its wide range of tailor-made culinary productionsfood events and curated tours, makes sure you’ll get satisfied, but hungry for more! Let our team guide you through this culinary Babylon, which locals are proud to call home and visitors kill to visit. 

In Food We Trust has brought together a team of dynamic NYC professionals from the fields of food, art, and entrepreneurship to offer you the most unique, entertaining, and mouth-watering experiences.
In layman's terms, we have a huge appetite and We Trust wholeheartedly In Food's special powers. Don't you?

Stay tuned for our upcoming exciting projects!

Angelis Nannos - Culinary Curator & Guide, Food Writer

Angelis Nannos -- In Food We Trust's founder -- a native Greek, worked for five years as a culinary guide and writer in Istanbul, Turkey, an experience that added up to millions of "flight hours" over tables of succulent kebabs, char-coaled smoky eggplants and hills of cumin & crushed chilies.

A horde of international food writers, chefs & travel journalists, followed by a few thousands of travelers from all around the globe, trusted Angelis to feed both, their imagination and their tummies. And then, they graciously spread rave reviews in the world's biggest newspapers, travel publications, food mags (Washington PostThe Rough Guides) and every kind of international social media. All drown in gallons of raki & olive oil. But then......HE VISITED NYC...KABOOM!

Upon visiting Manhattan for the first time - although he felt like he was cheating on Istanbul - he nevertheless renounced in a heartbeat simit for NYC's bagels, Balkan style tursu for LES pickles and ayran for Brooklyn's egg cream!

Meg Metzger - Documentary Producer & Ceramicist

Meg Metzger does writing and research for In Food We Trust; organizes culinary events; and provides marketing support. 

When she is not cooking up material for the world's best food tours, she works as a documentary producer and potter.  As a seasoned documentary producer, Meg is a whiz at digging in archives to find hidden gems and crafting a good story--be it about art, artists, food, or foodies! 

And while she's making functional ceramics, she is always daydreaming about the meals that will be served on these dishes.